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Sailing DR offers sailing classes from basic level up to advanced and tactics in regattas.

Our purpose is to teach all of you who are sailing ore who would like to sail in a cruiser sailboat so that you cane do that safely and efficient. These courses are in line with all the security norms for sailing. You will gain the different levels of knowledge in a few courses. All courses are based on theory and practice.

The classes are 5h long and include 1,5h theory on board and 3,5h sailing.

To be able to give the most to the students we normally take small groups of 1-4 people.

 Course Specifications Price
 1 Practical course of sailing 400 US
 2 Communication, how to work the charts and the instruments 150 US
 3 Introduction to racing rules 150 US
 4 Extra days of practice 100 US
 5 Delivery from one port to another  depends

The classes are given by Cap. Tony Torres. He has more than 20 years sailing experience in different areas. 

* Raced in international and national regattas
* Boat deliveries
* Day and overnight charters
* Sailing just "for fun"

Design By: Tony Torres